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Finding the perfect home for you and your family is very important and you can easily spend a lot of time searching for the right one. Getting the perfect mortgage though is quite another issue – an that’s where I come in. Because you should be able to live in your home and never ever wonder, “Did my bank REALLY give me the best mortgage?”

Get the facts, know your options and feel good about your decision.  It’s my job and it absolutely thrills me to help you pay as less as possible for your home while you live in it!  Because I am a licensed Mortgage Broker I must legally and ethically represent you first and foremost rather than the lender – even though they pay me to arrange your mortgage.

A home is where you find comfort and where wonderful memories are made. It’s a source of pride and joy. It’s also the biggest investment most of us make in a life time. So leave the work to me and remove the worry of making a good financing decision. Call me anytime on my direct line at 604.427.4663. . Let’s get started!


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